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"My love of animals" A personal message from Hilary Burgess.

"Dear pet owner. I have always had a love for animals,having been brought up on a farm, so I decided to fulfil a
lifelong passion, by starting a business, offering a pet care service. For many years I have helped the local
Animal Trust and the RSPCA, providing them with home checks for suitable cat re-homings.

Dogs and cats have been a vital part of my family life, having had rescue cats who settled in to become happy members of the family. I have also had many Golden Retrievers including Harvey, featured in the video, who
enjoys the company of all the dogs I walk.

With years of experience of love and care of animals, please contact me for a personal services in caring for your pet, in and from your home environment".

Tend2Pets veterinary reception video

Your sincerely

Hilary Burgess

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