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Welcome to Tend2Pets, a personal service dedicated to loving pet care.

When you're away from home and need help, you can be assured that your pets are in loving and capable hands, with visits to your home for feeding and dog walking in local surroundings.

Dogs and cats are happier at home, rather that being put into kennels, where they can become quite distressed. Elderly dogs in particular prefer their familiar surroundings, where they feel more relaxed and secure. Cats by nature are territorial animals and enjoy the freedom of their own surroundings.

Rabbits, guinea pigs etc., are contented at home, fed and watered regularly in their usual environment.

Tend2Pets veterinary reception video

Home care is also more cost-effective than kennelling, particularly if you have more than one pet.

For a dedicated and personal local pet care service, please contact Hilary at Tend2Pets.

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